// Vegetables deserve more recognition. They are the foundation of nourishment. They are available in an abundant variety of colours and shapes, each serving a united purpose: to make our meals delicious, and to fuel us with the energy we need to live our daily lives.


— > Vegetables have personalities. Think of the radish – it tastes mild at first, but boy, it packs a punch. Not to mention its crispiness when added to an average salad. And what about the humble beetroot? Our minds go straight to the rich purple colour – a colour that stains our fingers as we chop it up… a colour that stains just about anything it comes in contact with. What a vivacious, beautiful earthling it is. (Goodbye, white shirt…)


This blog is dedicated to vegetables and double bass, combining together amongst a creative process of music-making — music-making that is directly influenced by these delicious beings that fulfil our daily lives.

— > Hereby I am embarking upon a normalisation of extended double-bass technique through modes of vegetable-themed composition.

—— > This is a journey in soloistic development. ——-> This is a journey in vegetable-themed sonic art. ——> I ask you to join me, if you wish. //