Holy Basil – Take 2

// This is a short post – but an important one —> My practice today has been focused on utilising more freedom within my newer compositions. — In a lesson with Matthias Nowak several weeks ago, he suggested that I continue the persistent exploration of my existing ideas, and to expand upon these to consider more variety of ideas. During a very busy couple of months, it has been difficult to find focus and balance between my individual practice and the energy put into other projects (namely Meatshell and AHA trio). A pending recording also adds extra pressure, whereby each of my pieces has felt relatively ‘stuck’ in place. Now is the time to open the doors and to allow myself to continue creating within each one. The possibilities will be forever growing, after all.

In this light, today’s afternoon of practice was spent exploring the sounds within Holy Basil, particularly in regards to the use of my voice. While the recording is very much ‘in progress’, I feel that this was an important stepping stone towards the final stages of preparation with this piece thus far.

It is sometimes important to take a step back from the difficulty of each technique, and to focus on the bigger picture – focusing on the inevitability of imperfection and the beauty of spontaneous exploration.

//// ~~~~~

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