Vegetable-Bass: Solo Performance @ De Meldkamer – Dec 9th 2019

// On Sunday Dec 8th I was invited to perform an entire solo vegetable-bass set at De Meldkamer – a small gallery and artspace in the heart of Maastricht. As part of their Christmas series, they have curated a range of different artists to partake in four consecutive Sunday evening concerts. 


In preparation for my album recording in late February, this performance served as the perfect opportunity to take the music outside of the practice room and to perform it to a real audience. After an intensive year of focused practice – full of frustration, excitement, persistence and quite often a sense of warped reality – it was incredibly rewarding to finish off the first semester with an enriching performance in which I felt completely connected to my music and to my instrument. Although battling a cold, I also felt a higher level of vocal confidence after commencing regular lessons with Sabine Kuhlich and Charlotte Haesen; both of which have helped me immensely so far with technique and improving my breath support. 


Whilst there is still lots of room for improvement (for the rest of my life, let’s be honest here…), I feel inspired and ready to record the current material as an audio snapshot of my progress in the past year. 

Full recording below :  


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